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To encourage communication.

Develop functional vocabulary

The Functional Language at Home and School Series is an evidence-based practice series designed to assist children with delayed language development gain and use functional vocabulary to strengthen their receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language skills.  Each book in the series is designed to be interactive, providing functional vocabulary, vibrant pictures, and real objects to enhance the learning experience. It is a perfect tool for face-to-face instruction, teletherapy, virtual learning and home instruction/carryover to aid parents, educators and clinicians in improving a child’s language skills.. Learn more about our story >>

Extension activities for school and home

Each book in the Functional Language at Home and School Series also includes extension activities, in both English and Spanish, that can be exercised in both the school and the home. These activities are designed to augment the child's knowledge with
real-life, practical-skill application.
Learn more about the methodology >>


Each book includes a digital download that is ideal for remote learning and teletherapy.

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